ELT Board 2020


Officers, Ministry Team and Standing Committees Chairpersons


Moderator – Rev. Kevin K. Thomas 

Vice Moderator – Pastor Steve Cope

Treasurer – Lee Jarvis

Clerk – Elaine Jarvis

 Chairpersons of Ministry Teams

Missions – Rev. Dr. Alicia Malone

Outdoor Ministry – Becky Harriman 

Laity (OPEN)

Chairpersons of Standing Committees

Church/ Pastoral Relations – Rev. Dr. Roger Alber

Children/Youth – (OPEN)

Finance – Rev. John Phillips

Financial Review – Margaret Bishop

Nominating – Executive Committee Task Force

Representatives to Camp Koinonia Annual Meeting:   (Officers serve as representatives. Association Moderator/President can appoint someone to go in his/her place.) 2020 Koinonia Annual meeting is November 14 at 9 am at the camp.

 Akron Area Association Auxiliary Organizations or Positions

ABW Ministries – Acting President, Susan Nicholson  

Ministers’ Council – OPEN

ABC-Ohio Co-Executive Minister – Rev. Jane Gibbons

Koinonia Camp Executive Director – Pastor Randy Brookes

Akron Area Association – Koinonia Board of Trustees
Elaine Jarvis – 2nd term ends in 2020
Stefanie Spicer – 1st term ends 2022
Doug Beal – 1st term ends in 2021
Becky Harriman (Filling an open position in 2020)