Introductory note:    The format of the Bylaws is designated to symbolize their correlation with the Associations Constitution and provides the possibility of one or more standing rules for each Article of the Constitution:  Rule 1 of the Bylaws corresponds to Article I of the Constitution.  Rule 2, to Article II, etc.  Where the word reserved appears in the text of the Bylaws, this means no standing rule is currently called for regarding that section of the Constitution.  The number position for a rule is simply being reserved for possible future use.


Name and Affiliation

Rule 1.1



Purpose – Mission Statement

Rule 2.1




Rule 3.1


A Church desiring to unite with the AAA/ABC shall proceed as follows:

  1. Submit a written application requesting affiliation with the AAA/ABC to the Moderator of the Association.
  1. The candidate church shall send delegates appointed by the church to a meeting of the Church/Pastoral Relations Committee of the Association.  These delegates shall present a satisfactory statement as to the faith and practice of the candidate church and its intention to actively participate in the Association and denominational activities.
  1. The candidate church then shall enter into a period (one year) of acquaintanceship while the application is being processed. During this period, the candidate church shall participate actively in the Association by:

a) Sending representatives from the church to the AAA/ABC meetings.

b) Supporting AAA/ABC activities through attendance, providing leadership and financial support.

c) Supporting AAA/ABC, ABC/OHIO and ABC/USA through participation in the denominational mission support process.

  1. After the period of acquaintance, the Church/Pastoral relations Committee of the Board will meet with the delegates of the candidate church to review the relationship that has been established and clarify any area of concerns that may exist.

The Church/Pastoral Relations Committee shall report its findings to the Executive Committee of the Board for review and recommendation to the Board.  Upon a majority vote of the Board, the candidate church shall be received into membership and its representatives given the right hand of fellowship by the Moderator on behalf of the Association.

Rule 3.2


In the spirit of Christian Cooperation, member churches shall be expected to maintain an active participation in the life of AAA/ABC.  The following criteria shall determine member participation.

  1. Contribution of a percentage of the Church’s budget to the ministry and mission of ABC/OHIO.
  1. Payment of the suggested donation of at least one dollar ($1.00) per resident member to the AAA/ABC.
  1. Attendance of the allowed number of representatives or their alternates at each Board meeting.
  1. Active participation in the AAA/ABC rally and programs.
  1. Completion of the annual church reports requested by the ABC/OHIO.

Rule 3.3


Recognizing the church’s autonomy to make its own decision as to involvement in the life of AAA/ABC as well as the association’s need for participation from said churches, a policy statement on maintaining membership in the association is required.

If a member church chooses not to participate, this procedure shall be followed:

a. A Church not participating in the life of the AAA/ABC for a period of one year shall be listed as an Associate Member Church as affirmed by the Executive Leadership Team.

b. By definition, an Associate member church would retain all rights and privileges of a member church with the following exceptions.

c. They shall not count as a member church when discerning the quorum requirements for Association events requiring such.

d. They shall not have voting privileges … for any Association event, including approval/disapproval of an Ordination Candidate or the receiving of a new church into membership.

e. It shall be the responsibility of the Executive Leadership Team to nurture and counsel an Associate Member Church with the goal of returning said church to a status of Member Church in the AAA/ABC.



Rule 4.1  


Rule 4.2

Duties of officers

  1. The Moderator shall preside at all meetings of the Board and of the Executive Leadership Team and shall determine the time and place of such meetings, and perform such other duties as usually pertain to that office. The Moderator shall be an ex-officio member of all ministry teams and standing committees and of the Koinonia camp board and shall convene the Ordination Council.  The Moderator shall appoint other members to the ministry teams and standing committees.
  2. The Vice Moderator shall assist the Moderator in all duties, preside at meetings in the absence of the Moderator and shall perform the duties of the Moderator in case of disability, holding office until the Executive Leadership Team shall fill the vacancy by election, and shall serve on the Rally Planning Team for the Association rally. 
  3. The Clerk shall send out notices of meetings to each representative and church; record all proceedings of the Executive Committee, of the Board and/or Association rallies; prepare the annual report of the Association. Maintain a current listing of names and addresses of the church representatives to the Board making an updated listing available to the Executive Leadership Team in April and perform such other duties as may be required from time to time.
  4. The Treasurer shall receive all monies of the Association, keeping an accurate account and record the sources from which they may accrue. The Treasurer shall disburse funds when duly authorized to do so and present a written statement of receipts and expenditures of the Association to the Executive Leadership Team and to the Board at their regular meetings.  The Treasurer shall be custodian of all legal papers of the Association.
  5. The Association representatives to the Koinonia Annual Meeting shall be the Moderator, Vice Moderator, Secretary and Treasurer; however, the Association Moderator is empowered to appoint “alternate representatives” should one or more of these four (4) officers be unable to attend the Koinonia Annual Meeting.


Board of Trustees

Rule 5.1




Rule 6.1


Rule 6.2

Duties of the Rally Planning Team

  1. The Moderator, Vice Moderator, Treasurer, Pastor(s) of the rally host church and a Representative(s)  from the host church shall  meet at least three (3) months prior to plan the rally.
  2. Promotional materials are distributed in a timely manner to all the association churches.



Executive Leadership Team

Rule 7.1


Rule 7.2

Duties of the Executive Leadership Team

  1. It shall be the duty of the Executive Leadership Team to direct the work of the Association between meetings of the Board.
  1. It shall see that a correlated program including the work of the Ministry Teams, the Standing Committees and the Auxiliary Organizations shall be developed and promoted, based upon the needs of the AAA/ABC churches.
  1. It shall set the date and place for all rallies.
  1. It shall acquire, accept, hold or dispose of property or trust funds in the name of the AAA/ABC subject to the approval of the Board and in conformity with the laws of the State of Ohio.
  1. If any Church shall fail to participate actively during an Association year, the Executive Leadership Team shall make a sincere effort to restore the church to fellowship and full cooperation.
  1. The Executive Leadership Team shall meet at the call of the Moderator, Vice Moderator, or Clerk.


Ministry Teams

Rule 8.1


Rule 8.2

Duties of the Ministry Teams

  1. EDUCATION MINISTRY TEAM –   This team, through its chairperson and any members asked to serve, shall support and promote the sharing of educational materials, ideas, and programs for children, youth, and adults throughout the association churches.
  1. MISSIONS MINISTRY TEAM – This team, through its Chairperson   and any members asked to serve, shall:

a) Encourage the Churches of the AAA/ABC to respond to the command of our Lord to go into all the world to proclaim the Gospel by sacrificial giving of self and substance, and promote a Biblical and theological understanding of stewardship.

b) The team shall interpret the total mission enterprise of the ABC/OHIO and ABC/USA to the churches of the Association, through missionary deputation, conferences and other resources.

c) The team shall encourage the setting of goals by the local churches in support of the United Mission program of the ABC/USA, the four special offerings, the In State Ministries Program of ABC/OHIO and other ABC/OHIO programs. It shall encourage support of institutions approved by the Institutional Support Program of the ABC/OHIO.

  1. OUTDOOR MINISTRY TEAM – This ministry team shall be comprised of five elected members, one of whom shall be nominated to serve as chairperson and shall serve on the Executive Committee. Its duties shall be as follows:

a) Make available information concerning a year-round program of camps, conference and retreats to Association churches.

b) Promote camp, conference and retreat programs of Camp Koinonia, the ABC/OHIO and to encourage attendance.

c) Represent the AAA/ABC on the Camp Koinonia Board of Trustees.

d) Be available to consult with groups planning retreats and conferences in order that they may maximize the benefits of such programs.

e) Develop and implement a plan of leadership recruitment and training to be used by program committees of the camps.

f) Develop and implement a camper scholarship fund.

g) Provide programs and resources to the churches of the Association which will assist them in raising the funds necessary to meet the AAA/ABC obligations for the operation of Camp Koinonia.

  1. YOUTH MINISTRY TEAM – The Youth Ministry TEAM, through the Chairperson and any members asked to serve, shall promote within our Association the programs and concerns of the Committee on Ministry with Youth of the ABC/OHIO.

a) This team shall work with the Churches of the Association to encourage, promote and strengthen youth ministries; and help develop programs as needed to provide help and training to insure strong and meaningful ministries with youth.

b) The team shall provide opportunities for the youth from our churches to come together in worship, activity and service; and encourage the youth from our churches to be involved also in such experiences on the state levels.


Standing Committees

Rule 9.1


Rule 9.2


Rule 9.3


Rule 9.4

Duties of the Standing Committees

1. AUDIT – The Audit Committee shall review the financial records of the treasurer within ninety days of the close of the fiscal year.  A report of  its findings shall be made to the Board


a. To conduct preliminary and private examinations of all candidates for licensing or ordination in the Association. It shall report to the local Church, the State Advisory Committee and any subsequently called Ordination Councils.

b. To examine the credentials of all Ministers seeking certification in the Professional Leadership Registry and submit a report to the Board.

c. To give assistance, when requested, to local churches that develop special concerns.

d. To review the application of any churches seeking membership in the Association.

e. To carefully review matters of participation of member churches in Association activities and financial support for local, state and world missions of the ABC/USA. A report of its findings shall be made to the Executive Committee of the Board for further action.

f. To look into any special matters of denominational interest that may be assigned to it by the Executive Leadership Team of the Board.

3. FINANCE  The Finance Committee shall serve in the following areas:

a. In consultation with the Treasurer, prepare annually a budget of expenditures with anticipated sources of income for the Association. It shall secure program proposals from the Ministry Teams and this report shall be presented to the Executive Leadership Team and Board at the Fall Meeting of the Board of Trustees.

b. Annually submit a written request to the Churches for the suggested donation of one dollar ($1.00) per resident member to the Association budget.

4. NOMINATING This standing committee shall consist of persons serving on the Executive Leadership Team.

a. The committee shall prepare a list of candidates for the following positions of the Association for election at the Fall Meeting of the Board of Trustees: Officers: Moderator, Vice Moderator, Clerk and Treasurer; A chairperson for each of the Ministry Teams and Standing Committees

b. The Nominating Committee shall secure proof of the nominees’ willingness to serve prior to its report to the Board at its October meeting. The Nominating Committee shall present names to the Executive Leadership Team or appoint persons for any vacancies occurring between annual meetings and will report said appointments at the next scheduled Trustees’ meeting

c. The Nominating Committee shall remind the Association body each year that the representatives to the Koinonia Camp and Conference Center Annual Meeting shall be the Moderator, Vice Moderator, Clerk/Secretary and Treasurer of the each of the owner association; however, the Association Moderator is empowered to appoint “alternate representatives” should one or more of these four (4) officers be unable to attend the Koinonia Annual Meeting.

Rule 9.5



Auxiliary Organizations

Rule 10.1


Rule 10.2

The responsibility of the Auxiliary Organizations shall be:

  1. To study local church needs and seek to develop programs to meet them.
  1. To strive for a ministry to their particular group in every local church regardless of its size or completeness of organization.
  1. To cooperate with and seek to correlate their programs as much as possible with the program of the Association Commissions.
  1. To cooperate with and promote the state and national programs of their particular group in the Churches insofar as they meet Church local needs.



 Rule 11.1




Rule 12.1


Revisions adopted 5/07/06

Revisions adopted 10/06/13

Revision adopted 3/17/14