Popular Christian Band Comes to Seville to Raise Awareness and Stop Sex-Trafficking


On Sunday Evening January 22nd, 2017 at 7pm First Baptist Church of Seville will host the nationally known Christian alternative-rock band, Remedy Drive, for an acoustic concert that will bring awareness and provide opportunity to the community to help end sex-trafficking.


Local counter trafficking organizations are welcome to come and set up booths and talk about what they are doing locally as the band will be talking about their work with The Exodus Road overseas and specifically, the lead singer, David Zach’s involvement as an undercover operative and his stories from the front lines.


Ordinary people can make a difference.  First Baptist Church of Seville warmly invites the community to come enjoy the music and receive inspiration.  Each of us has a purpose and a hope. The band’s new album, Hope’s Not Giving Up, was released in September 2016.  The music makes Hope a melody and the band wants their new recordings to amplify the melody of Hope above the noise of fear and despair with lyrics saying,


“Hope is a melody – a beautiful sight for the worn and weary eye.  Brighter than the fires on the West Coast,  louder than the bombs in Syria, more vibrant than a virus, stronger that the winds of the tornado or the shackles of oppression.  She stands in the wreckage of lost accomplishment, she walks in the rubble of broken dreams, when castles in the sand are washed away, when the moon goes blood red and the stars fall, when the flood waters rise, when the bottom drops out – there’s Hope sweet Hope like a star burning bright – when the sun goes down and the fears begin to fly”.


Tickets are $14 online and $16 at the door and are currently available through the church website or facebook page.  More information and group sale information are available by contacting the church directly.



Pastor Benjamin Payne 330-309-7040

Website: www.fbcseville.com

Email: info@fbcseville.com