Changed Lives

A Testimonial from Camp Koinonia

On Saturday, June 18th, my wife and I took a ride up to Geneva on the Lake to have lunch on the water and walk around a little…but mostly for the ride and something to do, since it was a beautiful day. Heading up 534 into Geneva, we noticed a sign for Camp Koinonia … the camp I went to for several years as a boy. I told my wife that we were going to watch for the sign on the way back home because I wanted to see it again after all these years. The first several times I went, the camp was right on Lake Erie. The camp sat at the top of a huge bank that went down to the lake and what great memories from I had from there. But then, in 1962 when I was 13, the camp on Lake Erie transitioned to a new Koinonia built a little inland right on a beautiful, wide creek with fantastic grounds. As we pulled in, a lady was getting out of her car and heading into the lodge, and I got out to talk to her (Elaine Jarvis). I told her it was almost 60 years ago when I started to go church camp at Koinonia. She was so happy to hear and gave us a tour of the lodge and took us out back and there it was…the same beautiful creek and grounds I remembered from 54 years earlier. I have forgotten a lot more about my childhood than I have remembered, to say the least, but over the years my mind has, many, many times, reminisced about the fun weeks I spent at Camp Koinonia. What an experience! And God, by his grace, mercy and faithfulness used the campfire talks and chapel meetings as a link in the chain that eventually resulted in my salvation. His Word does not return without achieving its purpose, especially when ministered in such a memorable atmosphere and time of our youth. And you never know how wide a swath is forged and the vast numbers of young people who, in their later years, cherish the same memories. The reason I say that is because this past week, after our Geneva trip, my wife was talking to her friend of many years and mentioned how we searched out this church camp that I went to as a boy. My wife’s friend said that she went one year to church camp up that way. She didn’t remember a lot of detail, but she remembered the name … Camp Koinonia! Thank you, Mrs. Jarvis, for being so friendly and kind to us when we stopped and may the Lord, by His grace and mercy through the ministry of His Word, continue to bless young people at Camp Koinonia in these days of gadgets and deep spiritual darkness. Jeff & Phylis Parker

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